Monday, April 30, 2007

All or nothing at all...

Today was an antique bonanza. Flea market Sunday gone mega! A host of treasures dropped into my lap and I've been sorting, photographing and uploading all sorts of goodies to my little vintage shop, and I have only just begun! What I loved most were the buttons -- the likes of which I have never seen in all my years of haunting antique malls and shops.

Japanese porcelain buttons with shanks

Mother of pearl - look at those shapes!

Metal, some composition, buttons, circa 1900.
I'm in my element. Oh, joy!


  1. Oh Colette, these buttons are gorgeous... what a find!!!
    I have "button envy".

  2. those japanese buttons are amazing! great find !

  3. Love those mother of pearl shapes!
    Did you get these at the Sunday Market at St Lawrence or at a different Flea Market?

    I've been meaning to do a button post on my blog too. Will get to that this week :-)

  4. I had to stop and catch my breath looking at these buttons...OMG Colette what amazing finds - I have such a weakness for buttons I think my heart skipped a beat. lol!

  5. Fabulous buttons! What great finds.

  6. OOooh , like Jacky I have 'button envy' too!! What amazing finds Colette. Those face buttons are incredible and I love the mother of pearl treasures...

  7. what for beautiful things, i have never seen this buttons


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