Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wednesday's Child

What I made last night. Artwork (c) colette copeland, available in my etsy shop.

Part of what arrived last night. An Easter package from LAUREN. I love the clues on every little package.

I followed her instructions, and hung the hanging ones along with the others. This is Lauren's "gallery" on a panel that divides my workshop from my office.

Something very special, something I brought back from Ireland years ago, and a gaggle of little mermaids are on their way to you, Lauren. xoxo


  1. What wonderful gifts from a thoughtful person!

  2. smiling and glowing ((((and proud)))) I had not seen what she sent you this time. The aqua bird collages are lovely!

  3. I adore the blue and green collages Colette. I gasped with pleasure when I saw them!

    And the gifts from Lauren are beautiful (and a work of art even before you opened them).

    So lovely to see you receiving love in the mail xoxo


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