Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Softly, softly

I am slowly extricating myself from this strange feeling that sudden temperature changes bring on. I've been spared the barometric headaches; it's as if the effects have shifted to my psyche. Staying aware of what's happening, and staying the course, is getting me through.

As I look around me, I have to take deep breaths not to do something rash....like clear everything out in one fell swoop, and have one, big empty space. So I take more deep breaths and throw a few more things into the garbage bags I have going. Ah, spring cleaning! My inner self has been spring cleaning too; it is so important to clear out the cobwebs of hurtful stuff and strew rose petals in their place. Create good memories today and every day.
I made this collage on an old book cover I rescued from a pile destined for recycling. All but one of the cards are authentic vintage trading cards. Apart from some few precious photos whose originals I want to keep, I'm using the real thing because there's nothing like it.
Have a wonderful day.


  1. Your collage is lovely as usual!
    It sounds like you experienced a good, peaceful episode of spring cleaning. I need to do the same!
    ( I can breathe and go to yoga now...clean later?)

  2. Lovely original work Colette.
    Am glad that the change of seasons has not brought your headaches.

    You sound quiet peaceful. And Spring cleaning is good. Clearing out the old to make way for the new..

  3. When I visit here it's like a breath of fresh air. Your art is so lovely and it evokes a nostalgic, peaceful feeling just like strewing rose petals! Thank you for always inspiring me to do better.

  4. What a great idea with the trading cards!

    I agree spring cleaning inside and out it good for the soul. I'll have rose petals anyday.

    Best wishes Ginny

  5. Love your spring cleaning "style"...both inside and out (and the art it inspires).

  6. What lovely thoughts...and attitude. I love the visuals you give of the strewn rose petals. The recycled book cover is so pretty and reminds me of the renewal of spring! You ROCK! xxxoooo


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