Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Incredible Mademoiselle Jeanne Moreau

Kansas Rose (proud Mama of Lauren) and I were talking about Jeanne Moreau (among a million other things xoxo).....she is still going strong, with a film in preproduction to be released next year, Souvenirs du Valois/Family Souvenirs. Guess who is also in that movie? Juliette Binoche!!!!! And the director is Olivier Assayas, who directed an actress friend in a film made in Paris (whose title I forget -- sorry A.K.) some years ago.
Jenny, everything is connected!
Photo: (c) Twentieth Century Fox, 1998


  1. Look at her! She is so beautiful and that mouth and eyes! And Juliet Binoche in the same movie...thought of some more great French beauties and my favorite films...Isabelle Adjani...The Story of Adele H. Not sure but I think her name is Isabelle? Hubert as Madame Bovary and she did another as a French woman who was guillotined post WW2? for abortion activities? Very powerful and tragic film and she was excellent. I could go on and on...I have always been more of a fan of French cinema than American. But Jeanne is one of the greats. :) ps I took a foreign film retrospective study course in college when I was 20 and that got me hooked on foreign films! It was taught by a wonderful Catholic nun named Sr. Mary Margeret.

  2. Isabelle Huppert!! I'd forgotten about her. Very powerful actress.

    I have to say your teacher-nuns were more wordly than mine, who just wanted me to analyze passages of St. Exupéry! (Oh, there you go, a pilot as well as an author!)

  3. Well I am a fan of Saint-Exupery - and Jeanne Moreau. She's amazing!


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