Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"Hello, I must be going"

Paper Doll, just listed on eBay

A balmy day, followed a nuit blanche (much better than saying insomnia, no?). It's an interesting experience to be awake for two days and one night; it felt oddly like the time I was in Finland in the month of May and there was no night, just constant daylight.
So I am here to say hello, and turning in early, which means no computer until tomorrow.


  1. Wow..i have never had insomnia unlees i was sick! Did you see the movie Insomnia?

  2. Yes, I did! Al Pacino was brilliant, his character just kept going and going and going.... (where's that pesky pink rabbit!!)

  3. hi colette! Thanks for stopping by my blog. We are doing well and Noah is doing great.
    This piece is lovely. I love how you use fabrics and stitchery in your artwork. I would like to incorporate that more into my work. Thanks for the inspiration!
    hope you get some sleep tonight!


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