Thursday, March 15, 2007

Doggie Tales

Cleo is in actual fact Cleo #3. Yes, they were all named Cleo. Not because they replaced each other, because they were/are all unique, but that's just the way it happened. There were two others, my sister being an Old English Sheepdog person. I believe this was the very first Cleo, photographed with my sister and her husband in a field somewhere in England many years ago.

The time between Cleo 1 leaving the planet and Cleo 2 was a few years. As usual, my sister would say, no I can't replace her ( you know how heart wrenching it is to lose your darling doggie), but eventually, Cleo 2 came along.

Then Cleo 2's life ended, and that was to be the end of that. However, years later, in Texas, I was talking to my niece on the phone and she told me my sister had "another Cleo."

When I visited a few months later, there she was, as cute as can be, but very much a puppy and being trained by my Old English Sheepdog expert sister (you cannot drop the Old, I learned). I admit she drove me crazy; everytime I moved, up she would spring and run at me, around me, jumping on me, getting over-excited, scrappy little one that she was. Note the left paw in motion.....

A year later I visited again, and she was calmer, she even stayed still for 2 seconds while I photographed her. She is such a good dog, and she is very loved.

Sheesh! She's still following me around with that camera of hers. This photo makes me giggle; it took me a while to get used to the fact that these doggies don't have tails.

It's hot in Texas, I can't wait for my haircut appointment.
Tuckered out from all that posing. It's a hard life being a top model!

Which reminds me of Carol and Doug, the American friends I met in Germany. He was doing his military service; she was a government employee; me supposedly a German-language student, "supposedly" because I tended to meet anglophones and mostly speak English. We all met at the Frankfurt Playhouse, and before I knew it they decided to get married. I returned to the U.S. some months before they did, and they brought home an Alsatian. When I went to visit them in Brooklyn, they introduced me to the dog. His name was ... Hund. German for dog.


  1. Those pictures are gorgeous. I was like your sister. I had a huge golden retriever,he passed away and we were heart broken, then 2 corgies needed a home and we all fell in love with them. They passed away and the heart break continued. I'd love another dog but can't stand the heart break when they pass.
    Thanks for sharing the pics.

    best wishes Ginny

  2. Love the photos and such a cute story about the series of Cleos and the Hund. xo

  3. Oh, how I loved reading about the Chloes! And the photo of Chloe number 3 with her paw in motion is so funny.

    Chloe must love her Aunty Colette..

    Like I do! xoxoxo

  4. I want a Cleo...adorable!


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