Saturday, February 10, 2007

Rest for the Weary

A lot of work is done (no, not housework, not much anyway, not yet), leaving me some computer time. In a freelancer's life, when it rains, it pours, and you gratefully manage. I'm saving for my Irish trip in August (class reunion at Trinity College) and a couple of days in Paris. And then there's a very special family-related trip my sister and I want to take next year which is dear to both our hearts.

Last night I met up with my friends Martha and Carmi across from Bizzy B's for coffee, and as a bonus met a new friend, who was wearing the most exquisite felted cuffs I've ever seen -- yes, girls, I'm still thinking of them. Got some goodies at the store, and went home uplifted! I'm looking forward to more of these get-togethers.

Today, I am actually taking time off and going to the movies and dinner with a friend.

I hope you're all enjoying a restful weekend.


  1. Beautiful collage! And I'm so glad you had a good evening with your friends and you have another lovely day planned! You deserve a little R&R. And I think you need to plan for more than a couple of days in Paris! We need at least one for the flea markets, preferably two!

  2. Yes, I think once you get to Paris...stay a bit? Surely there are things there wich relate to your free-lance (art)business??? (collecting magazines and newspapers with French words for a start!)

    I really like the fat lttle bird on the branch in your collage!

  3. This collage is stunning! I LOVE IT!!

    It was wonderful to meet for tea -- I'm sorry that it was so short. And those cuffs were spectacular!

    Have a great evening (what movie?)

  4. The felted cuffs sound interesting! How nice to get away and meet with friends.

    This new piece is beautiful! I like everything about it. The touch of deep red is just right.

  5. Good times with good friends! Your summer travel plans sound spectacular! Ireland and Paris...can't get any better or more beautiful than that. You will have such lovely visits and memories. The felted cuffs sound gorgeous...and this nature study is beautiful. Beauty flows from you! xxxooo


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