Monday, February 19, 2007

How I work

My friend C. dropped by yesterday; I wasn't expecting her, but as often happens, the right people come by just when you need them. We talked about a lot of things and I gained a lot of clarity. A chance meeting some 10 years ago brought her into my life, and I've been grateful for her ever since.

At one point we were discussing how I create something every day, and I told her that many are surprised that I can do that. And as we talked about it, I realized that it's probably because I don't "think" about it doing it -- I don't analyse, examine, agonize -- I just do it. This doesn't mean everything I make is good art, because it isn't, but the point is, I keep going.
There are times, of course, when I don't make anything, but I don't label it, I don't call it a "block." I roll with it; it's nature's way of telling me to take a break. It may sound "mindless" but I believe it's because I work intuitively. I don't judge myself or the process; I judge my work only when it's finished. And that judgment is based only on what my eyes tell me.
Here's to a really good week!


  1. Love that piece, especially the colours! And like you creating something every day, I write something every day without thinking too much about it. Somedays I know what I'm going to write about; other times it's completely unexpected. I'm much more productive writing since I started the blog - before that I'd do anything to avoid writing until the last minute (deadlines).

  2. ok, so when are YOu going to be teaching.. and WHERE ? cause I am enrolling in your class. I would send you near demented, I am sure :)

  3. I came by way of Ms. Robyn and I see that you are a neighbor of mine I live west of you Oakville..and I'm a Libra! LoVe your art!
    Nature is my thing I LoVe to blog about! Nice meeting you! NG

  4. i admire how you live your life as an artist.

  5. Needed to hear this tonight. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. One of my goals for 2007 is to create something each day. I've missed a few but like you I think it's just me needing time off. And my things are definitely not all good but I have fun doing them. I think that's what matters to me.

  7. Oh, I adore this piece Colette!!!
    Such a beautiful combination of colors.

    Like you I try to create art every day and don't judge my work. It is about trusting your intuition isn't it? And the artistic process.

    Love you

    Dotee xoxo


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