Friday, January 12, 2007

White, blanc, bianco

I read somewhere that January is "white" month.

I love whites and all its hues. My tableware is white and cream. These café au lait bowls have been with me almost all my adult life.


  1. i just sat down from washing all of my white dishes...but the patina on yours is way lovelier than mine.

    truly, a stunning photo, miz c.

  2. I love white dishes too, especially hand-thrown French ones. Yours are lovely!

  3. white dishes are so wonderful, yours are fantastic. They blend so lovely with any tablescape too.

  4. Elegant too! I love yours...and the pretty cream crocheted piece they sit on. You have such lovely taste.

  5. So elegant Colette. Can just imagine you supping tea and eating from a cream/white china plate.

    Delicious! (and so are you).

  6. I love white vintage 'stuff' - I have a collection of mis-matched plates - some dating back to victorian times - love it!
    we need to do a white swap!

  7. oh and a big hug for just being you {{{hugs to Colette}}}

  8. lovely photo.
    i too love white dishes.
    just bought some for the house in brazil.
    so clean and pure.


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