Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tagged by Carmi reveal 5 things little-known things about me. And since she knows where I live, I had better do it!

1. I have made countless cheese soufflés in my life and not one has "fallen".

2. I love reading mysteries that have a supernatural bent to them.

3. I'm very intuitive. I dream things that come to pass, among other things.

4. I sang solo on stage at the Frankfurt Playhouse (Germany) in front of an audience of U.S. Forces brass.

5. I'm not from Quebec. You'd be surprised how many people always assume that.


  1. I seldom do a meme but I always like to read others - gives yet another insight. All of this was interesting, especially the fact you are a singer. I can see you being a chanteuse dressed in vintage finery.

  2. Fun. Love your previous piece, too.

  3. Just more reasons I love you! A souffle making diva!

  4. I read this earlier and went to Whole foods. While browsing (as I like to do, without Rob who hates browsing) I came across a cheese souffle package. Came with 2 small white porcelien cups, and 2 little pouchs of mix. You wash the little cup, pour in the mix, bake for 30 mins and Voila! I've never had a cheese souffle but since I read your post I thought it was a sign to buy!

    So I did and just had it for lunch. It was quite yummy! I must learn to make bigger ones now (they are Atkins low carb friendly!)

  5. I like reading your answers - more fascinating facts about the interesting Colette!


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