Sunday, January 07, 2007


The difference between expectancy and expectation.

Expectancy is when you are in an open state of mind, knowing something will come to pass but not preoccupied with how it will happen.

Expectation is when you expect that thing to happen in a certain way.

It came to pass, but not in the way I expected. The difference is that, because it did not happen the way I thought it would (linear thinking?), did not mean it would not happen. Certainly I was puzzled and I questioned whether my intuition had been wrong, all the while knowing full well that my intuition had not been wrong. So I let it go, without judgment. I accepted that, for now, it was a mystery, but that it would unfold and become clear in the fullness of time. And I did not speak about it because I didn't want the usual and sometimes pitying remarks about "wishful thinking" -- yes, I'm very sensitive to subtexts, voice, and body language. Why put myself through that when I didn't have to? So I kept quiet save for a couple of people I trust.

It happened, but in a different way.**

And so, I remain in a state of expectancy, but I do not have expectations.

**I pitched a well thought-out and well-presented art book idea to a couple of publishers who rejected it with a rude form letter. In a subsequent turn of events, which I chose to follow without expectations, my fabric art will be featured in a book that is in production at the present.**


  1. Ahhh, My child...many great books have been rejected by many publishers...until that book falls into the hands of a WISE publisher ! Do not let these first foolish ones discourage!You may try 100 only takes ONE to recognize and go with it!

  2. Publishing is a beetch. After publishing close to 200 articles in national magazines and a newspaper or two, I sent a manuscript to close to 230 publishers who all rejected it. These same publishers published books that got lukewarm reviews and were quickly remaindered. therein was a lesson!

    What happened to that manuscript? I self-published and did fairly well with it.

    Never let them get you down!

  3. Congrats on the feature.

  4. Congratulations on your success, both with the publications and with understanding the process!

  5. Colette - I have often thought of you publishing a art book and am pleased you put forth your well thought idea. It is a shame that the publishers were not ready to take this idea on board(yet).

    You have SO much to offer and are so talented. I am pleased that your fabric art is going to be published in a book in production. That is exciting news!!

    A state of expectancy is good and I know that your intuition is spot on. This will lead to something else. I just know it.

  6. I've only been visitng here for a short time but everything I've seen has been wonderful. I can't imagine why your book was turned down....but as Pam said there are many great books that have been turned down. You just need to find the right person to read it. Don't give up. You have a lot to offer.

  7. Just want to thank all of you for your kind and encouraging comments.

  8. Colette I'm glad to hear your fabric art will be featured in a book. And I'm sure similar projects and books are just around the corner. Your work is wonderful and deserves wider recognition. xo

  9. You have so much grace and talent...Your ship will come in! :) ps..congratulations on your fabric art being featured in a book! Someone as special and creative as you are WILL have a book!


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