Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday's Child

Chérie, available on eBay
I have to finish up my collages on paper for a collaborative project called 20Things. I have eight double-sided pieces to go, in between everything else, and it happens to be a busy weekend, including a Christmas party tomorrow. January 6 is Armenian/Russian/Ukrainian/Greek Orthodox Christmas. For us, it's Epiphany, and the day all the decorations come down, although I did that yesterday.

Meanwhile I will be adding new work to my etsy shop (see pictures). I am not thrilled that our postal rates (and eBay rates) are about to go up.


  1. oh I love the top collage - each and every time you create something, it makes me sigh with pure pleasure - just like heaven must!
    I am off to the beach ~~~ to collect some sea shells (want one?)
    just want to tell you I love you lots & appreciate your unconditional friendship xoxo you are one of my lifes blessings ~ thankyou

  2. Making my way down the list to visit and's slow...but it's important I do it. Nothing you do is ever less than perfectly wonderful. I hope you are getting good use of the fabric. I soon will be back on my creative path and will make good use of those beautiful buttons you sent. Thank you for all your love and kindness.
    Big love,

  3. I live near Tarpon Springs where the Patriarch Bartholomew visited last year for the 100th Epiphany celebration. There were sooooo many people! The boys will be diving for the cross tomorrow. I have been to this celebration, even tho I am not Greek. It's a wonderful community.

  4. Bon Jour, Colette! I received my little collage quiltie! I love the picture of the girl! She looks sO happy! THank you ! Thank you! I am putting a ribbon on it so I can hang it!

  5. These are so lovely, Colette!


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