Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Barometric shenanigans

Romantic Heart, available on my website.
(P.S. I have new listings on etsy and eBay)

Today was Day 4 of a migraine triggered by barometric changes, so instead of starting the day with Advil, I stayed in bed and slept until early afternoon. The headache was gone when I woke up. the weather has reverted to normal, with normal temperatures and even a few snowflakes. However, it's supposed to swing back up again in a couple of days, so I really have to take care.


  1. Sorry to hear that your migraine has been lingering on sweetie.

    Am glad it had gone when you woke up this afternoon.

    It must be hard to deal with the climate changes.

    Sending cool thoughts to you

    Dotee xoxo

  2. How terrible to have headaches triggered by weather changes. I'm glad it was gone when you woke up.

    This piece is so romantic. Very sweet, tender, and innocent. It makes me think it's very old, something put back and treasured by a young woman.

  3. sweet, so, so sweet xo
    those migraines are a killer - do take care of yourself xoxo

  4. Oh those migraines, I had one this morning, it has pass...I am sorry to hear you suffer from them too!

    This piece of art is wonderful!! You are so sweet!!

  5. Oh Colette, those pressure migraines can be so painful and annoying...take care of you and rest. Sending you quiet and soothing thoughts. Your valentine quiltie is charming.

  6. So sorry to hear you've had a migraine. They're so horrific.

    This piece is so sweet.

  7. I have this wonderful oil that I use on my temples and it works! It comes in a little roll on bottle. I had my doubts when a friend gave it to me ...BUT it worked! I will let you know the name as soon as I find it (Ihave a huge mess right now...reorganizing...acckkk.) I adore this heart collage! Are you still doing your wonderful water colours??!

  8. Migraines are so annoying. Glad you're feeling better. Beautiful art!

  9. Hope you continue to feel better! your fabric heart collage and the art work by your young friend are delightful!

  10. I get these cluster migraines from hormones...awful! BIG HUS

    Beautiful heart!


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