Sunday, December 03, 2006

Yes, Virginia, I was born on a Friday

Café Society

I listed new items on eBay and etsy.

And now I'm going to bundle up and go for a walk to clear my head, after which I will return home and whip up some hot chocolate (minus the ice cream, since it's around 4 Celcius).

Sundays can be so blissfully peaceful.

Like today.

I've been meaning to show my friend Martha's pins. Two are destined for gifts, and Tourist is for me. I love Martha's choice of words, they are original. Martha, we need to get together soon!!


  1. hope you walk helped clear your head ! I have said before, I love those pins!

  2. ooh & I see that I am Virginia? hee, hee

  3. Yes we do have to get together! I think about you often. I'll email you!

  4. Wonderful art piece and the pins are so cute.


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