Thursday, December 21, 2006

Updated Twig Tree and other True Stories

True Stories, Collage on paper

Miss Frankston 2006 arrived and promptly took over my Christmas twig tree.....she has a mind of her own.....She came with a couple of little baubles, also hanging on the tree, and beautiful collage of a diva (me!) and other paper goodies, from my old and dear friend Dotee. We have been through a lot together in past years, which has only made us tighter friends.


  1. Hello lovely Colette.

    What a thrill for me to visit your blog this morning and see Miss Frankston 2006 nestling in your vase with your beautiful twig tree. I laughed delightedly at how you named her!

    She looks quite at home there (you are right, she is very strong willed and may turn up in different parts of your apartment).

    So glad you liked her , and the Diva collage I made for you!

    It warms my heart every time I think of you. And our special friendship.

    We have been though a lot together and I value your constant support and encouragement. And loving advice too.

    Much love to you Ms Diva!

    Dotee xoxo

  2. P.S I love your true stories collage. And recognise my favorite Zetti girl there .

  3. What a thoughtful friend! And the true stories collage is truly magnificent!

  4. I'm happy you have such wonderful friends :) I loved "Lily." Merry Christmas!


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