Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tuesday Fruit

[Note: These are Fuyu persimmons, they are sweet, smooth, and no puckering needed. I recommend them.]

I'm briefly online to offer some bright sweet fruit to my friends, in particular those who are hurting right now. I'm thinking about you. xox


  1. Ah...persimmons! They make one 'pucker up'! one of my friends has a tree in her yard! So pretty....make sure they are ripe! you are such a cool artist! I always love your creations!

  2. I love persimmons - well not to eat but to look at. I have an ancient tree in my garden! This has brightened my soul - I am sure it will help many. why are many of us hurting at the moment? I can 'feel' it all over the place.

  3. Beautiful display. My bird likes to eat persimmon seeds. :) I've been browsing your site to see what I have missed because I haven't been here in a few days. Martha's pins are delightful! And of course I love your birdies becuz I'm a birdie person. I'm sending you an email.

  4. i love the shapes and colors

  5. oh what a surprise !

    I have one on my kitchen window shelf that could have come from this very plate...but of course...we know it couldn't very well have.. but you know very well what I mean! right?

    Nice photo. Very cheerful.


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