Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Glad to see my photos are showing....I don't have trouble uploading them, but some people can't see them, they see just an inch of the photo at the top. That's what I was hoping would get fixed!

I'm working at the editorial offices today, and getting together with Martha afterwards, so I'll visit tonight.


  1. oh this is sweet! I wanna do it! can i?? it speaks volumes to me xo

  2. this is the prettiest vignette....something that can be out all year long. We aren't decorating this year....the only thing we are doing is hanging birds up and around....this would be a nice thing to do with a couple of them. To me fairies and birds have the same quality about them.

  3. I love your gilded leaves...and the birds of a feather! Classic. Simple. Elegant. xxxooo

  4. Yes, I can see this photo too. It's lovely!


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