Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday's Child

Fabric artist cards with a little embroidery and a doll. All available :-)
One of my favorite books: Carolyn Quartermaine Revealed. I open it at random when I'm in need of a lift.
This is the room I want


  1. yes, that room would do me well xo
    love your Dolly x0x0

  2. this is one room you would not have to fight me for. My bedroom as a teenager wsa like this-unfinshed. My dad did 3/4 of the room then got "too busy"..

    I cringe now when I see rooms that look like they are drywall with plaster over the tape...and primer paint...

    however=the pics abover are all quite lovely, what is that book??

  3. That angel doll is so pretty! -- and finally -- after a week -- Blogger is letting me post! I've tried to post every single day to your blog, Colette!

  4. Your doll is so cool! And the little collages! I always love your work, especially your watercolors! If you have a chance...would you email me your snail mail address????

  5. I LOVE this dollie Colette! And can see why you would want that room - so much space.

    Am drooling over the hanging fabric.

  6. colette, if this goes through, it will be a minimiracle. hope you have a wonderful holiday... i heart that room, too.



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