Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas in Toronto

At Holt Renfrew, the windows are full of lush, overladen tables and people; this mannequin has a nest on her head with eggs and birds in it.

Williams Sonoma and The Body Shop

Tiffany - very understated.

At Ashley China, The Great Wall of China -- naturally. Very clever. And below is their Christmas tree right on the sidewalk.
Ashley windows - Paper Dolls!

And just as I got to batteries died!!!!!!!!!


  1. Awesome shops man! I LOVE the paper doll display! (Some people are so creative).

  2. oh these are wonderful! I wonder if I will get to Sydney this year to take some photos to share?

  3. I do like that bird's nest - and the green sequined dress!

  4. Such a nice Christmas tour...beautiful! Thanks sweetie!

  5. Thanks for sharing Toronto with a Texan! I love the Paper Dolls!

  6. Oh, I would have loved to have been gazing at the windows with you sweetie. What great shots!

    Love the dress model with a nest and birds in her hair!

  7. Fabulous I loved them all.
    Your blog is very lovely indeed.


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