Monday, December 18, 2006

Blogger gremlins

Collage on mat board, available on eBay

My wish for today: I hope the Blogger gremlins are resolved soon because like many I've been having trouble leaving comments.


  1. ooh this is sweet! I haven't had trouble leaving comments - probably will now :) after I mentioned it.

  2. Not to mention that your top two images still can't be viewed! Sigh. Only about an eighth of an inch can be seen - the text is there, the rest of the image is white space. xo

  3. I'm having no problems seeing the images! This house is just darling!

  4. Colette this is fabulous, I love and adore it!
    blogger is mysteriously taking comments I leave on some blogs and making them disappear. I hope your blogger wish comes true.

  5. what a little cutie!!! I aways love to see what new creation you have! After the holidays...I am going tobe a lot more creative! And post art instaed of gifs! hhee hee!

  6. Oh I am praying this works...I can't see the top two images computer is back but the aol software is just crazy again...this is getting so I am using the old 7.0. :( I missed you. Very much. It brightens my day to visit your blog and see what beautiful art your are creating. It lifts the to you! xxxooo

  7. I can see both images - and love them (Belgian chocolate.....mmmmm)

    And I LOVE your beautiful collage on mat board.

    Hope your blogger wish comes true too. It has been a real pest lately.

    Much love to you talented one!

    Dotee xoxo

  8. This is my favorite artwork of yours to date!!

  9. And I love the teeny tinsel too!!


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