Sunday, November 05, 2006

A visitor from Ottawa

My school pal, Austin, breezed in today from Ottawa for coffee and biscotti. It was good catching up on things. We were at Trinity College at the same time eons ago. I can still see him in my mind's eye cycling across the quad, his college scarf flying....

We talked about everything, including the political situation across the border (he works for the government). He reminded me that the largest U.S. mission abroad is in Canada-- 1,200 people at the embassy in Ottawa, plus all the U.S. trade, immigration, customs people in offices all over (since we are the U.S. 's biggest trading partner). And that the U.S. Veep makes several trips a year to Ottawa to do business, but Dick Cheney has not been, not even once. He is the first since Richard Nixon's day not to fulfill this role. We've kind of been left hanging, with all kinds of issues needing to be discussed, resolved, whatever.

And that Canadians tend to like the "working" presidents, the ones who do the work they're supposed to be doing, tending to home matters among other things, which is why Canada liked Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, and was hoping Al Gore would be elected because, he too, does the work. Ottawa's relationship with the White House, my friend explained, has always been in the details.

Austin also mentioned a book I must find and read, The Two Georges, written by two Americans with a what-if premise. What if the War of 1778 had taken another turn and the continent became more like Canada. King George of England shaking hands with Prime Minister George Washington of North America!!


  1. How nice that you could catch up with a college friend. Interesting conversation. This is the first time in all my voting years that I feel so hopeless that I don't even want to vote. It seems as long as we have Bush and Cheney, nothing else changes. Local government never changes and I am feeling rather jaded about the whole business at this point. The guys I vote for never win because I almost always find myself voting Libertarian and of course they haven't a prayer, but I vote for them anyway.

    Love the photo of your newest collage. It's so different yet familiar. :)

  2. Thank you, Lisa.

    Keep on voting, though. You know you must!! No matter what!

  3. I absolutely love and adore this new quiltie!!!
    AS for the state of politics....this is going to sound rather childish but there is a speech at the end of the movie Protocol that Goldie Hawn gives which is VERY true. That we don't holler and scream and let them know they are doing it wrong (in this case voting)then we get what we deserve. And that these politicians need to realize that the things they do directly affect WE the people. It's a comedy film but that speech she gives is pretty powerful. (I am not doing it justice, the film isn't a blockbuster but that IS my favorite part) How lovely that you were able to spend time catching up with an old friend.

  4. I could hardly contain myself to read one you wrote because the image of your art is too darn cute!!

  5. Thanks for sharing this unique perspective (and my daughter's biological father went to Trinity). I'm not surprised that the Bush administration has virtually ignored Canada. Sigh. We must make some changes in our government. Let's hope people wake up (literally and figuratively)and vote on Tuesday.

  6. I love this quiltie, Colette, it is so you (and me too ) - I will be watching for it :)


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