Monday, November 13, 2006

A mist has been hanging over the city for days like a soggy blanket. You almost want to tell the weather to just rain and get it over with. But weather doesn't listen to mere mortals.

This quiltie is for a coffee-loving friend. She is called Queen of Caffeine.

I am not a much of a doll maker, but as you may know, I like to try my hand at new things. So I resized my Katie's-telephone-book-method painting, printed it onto fabric and made a dollie, complete with hanger. Plain, but sweet, I think! She is leaning on my frog, next to a little nest I made.


  1. Ooo OOOo Oooo! I LOVE the doll! THere is something about her...! I am still painting in the phone book! THat is the best ART therapy ever!!!

  2. she is just precious, colette :-)
    thanks for sharing.

  3. I love her Colette! love, love, love her! do you wanna make some Christmas ones? hint, hint

  4. Another wonderful creation! She is so lovely.

  5. I LOVE your little art doll Colette - she is so sweet!
    And your friend will love her 'Queen of Caffeine' (the little lace crown is a a lovely touch).

    Hugs from me and the kitties (especially the handsome one Ronnie) xoxoxo

  6. Oh Colette, she is wonderful. You are too MUCH of a doll maker. :) The Queen of Caffeine is wonderful, too and I bet Jenny will just love her piece.

    You are an amazing and inspiring woman. I'm always so glad that I've stopped by your blog.

  7. I meant to say "you are so, MUCH of a doll maker." But too much works too, I guess. LOL


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