Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday's child

Old memories have been popping into my head, and the one that delights me most is when I was studying for my Italian degree finals. It was a struggle, being a very young widow, unable to concentrate, and in the depths of bereavement and depression. I remember sitting on the massive Dining Hall stairs, my text of Dante's Inferno on my lap, when my eye hit the first three lines of Canto XXVI, which began with: Godi, Fiorenza poi che se' si grande..... . For no reason I decided to memorize them, not in the translation but in the original Vulgate. In the exam, we would have to identify and explain a random (and unknown to us) excerpt.

The Italian faculty generously allowed me to take the exam in a private room, and the faculty head even sent in a pot of espresso coffee. They knew it was going to be a struggle for me...

I opened the exam papers, and there in one of the questions on Dante was: Identify and explain this terzina: Godi, Fiorenza, poi che se' si grande........

I may have failed the exam otherwise. This is what saved me. And this is why I believe is something far greater than myself....


  1. sweet sweet sweet sang ths little bird!!

  2. you are a sweet gal xo I felt sad for you when I read this - to become a widow so young.
    are you a Friday's child? I am a Wednesday's child - a true one - full of woe :)

  3. Deep chills! It's an amazing and wonderful story and I really love this piece, too.

  4. this moved me greatly. I had no idea you were a widow and to go through that while dealing with school too....must have been so very hard. I believe your eyes coming upon those lines was not random. This quilty is outstanding, sweet Colette.

  5. I have this visual of you as a young beautiful woman studying your exams...this just touched me to the core my dear friend...So much passion and emotion in your post. I don't understand the Italian in that phrase but the words are blessed. Very special words...and so are you. xxxooolovetoyou

  6. Colette, this post touched my heart deeply. Being a young widow and facing exams during your grief.

    Yes, there was something magical going on that day for you to see that phrase.

    Am so glad that you are with us now. Sharing your heart and art.

  7. Amen, my friend! Beautiful "Friday's Child" too.


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