Friday, October 20, 2006


Yesterday, I arrived at the office only to find out there was no production this week. I'd forgotten to check my schedule. So I proceeded to the convention centre and visited the Creative Show, which I'd intended to go to this weekend.

Oh, bliss! One side of the hall was all quilting, fabrics, everything to do with sewing, FAT QUARTERS galore. On the other side was paper and scrapbooking and the like.

The first thing I saw was a Jenome sewing machine area. I'd been looking for the basic model, but there was that problem of everything being too far away for me to access. Long story short, I met the expert (she embroiders on her machine), and I invested in one that was within my budget. This lovely woman is having her husband drop it off to me. And she gave me her card in case I have questions and need help. Thank you, Shirley!

On the paper side, I met some Canadian rubber stamp makers and paper people, good to know because I need to be able to find stuff locally (it costs less). And bumped into Carmi, an artist and instructor I had met at a local store a while back. She introduced me to the owner of a store in Bolton; Keely Barham is going to teach there, and possibly Leslie Riley.

Then I stopped at a booth held by a Michigan company, and watched a very enthusiastic woman demonstrate very luscious glittery things and embossing and whathaveyou. It was fascinating to actually SEE the stuff being done.

Better than working on medical texts, no?

Below are some more designs for my Christmas tags.


  1. What a yummy surprise. That sounds like a lot of fun. I am loving your tags!

    (sorry if you get this twice..I'm having difficulty).

  2. What a good start to the weekend this is for you! Sounds like a FUN place to be...I am excited for you! And those tags! (heart pounding)

  3. What a fantastic day you had Colette! I really enjoyed reading this post. And, what a bonus to be able to go to the Creative show early.

    Mmmm....all that fabric sounds luscious! Am very glad you were able to source a new sewing machine (you were meant to go to this show obviously!). Love, love the stash of goodies you bought there.It must have been so nice to meet more creative people too.

    Love your Christmas tags, especialy Mr Moon face with his hat and red ribbon flower (which look exactly like the ones you made for the moon quiltie I bought from you....gorgeous).

    I would have loved to see the demonstration of the very luscious glittery things *grin*.

    Much love to you my friend

    Dotee xoxo

  4. oh my, I am green with envy over being at that show! So many treasures to be found and great demos....I LOVE LOVE LOVE the love birds, both in the pkg and on your quiltie!! Congrats on the new sewing machine, I'm sure it will be humming away!
    I really like all your tags too!


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