Saturday, October 28, 2006

It's been so quiet lately....


  1. Oh Colette! This piece is so elegant and "quiet"....The fabrics are just exquisite. I feel so many emotions when I look at this...a tapestry. Beautiful!xxxooo

  2. OH MY OH MY Colette, the colors and fabric combinations on this one are truly elegant. Very rich jewel-like quality. I've been doing my quilties by hand for years and suddenly it hit me the other day "um, you have a really nice sewing machine what are you doing?" So now I am bringing it out and I know things will go a bit faster too.
    I just love yours!

  3. Colette - this is one of my favorite quilties. Such beautiful, and jewel like fabrics. Your new sewing machine is getting a good work out :)

  4. Your use of color and pattern is beautiful, Colette! Very nice!!


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