Thursday, October 12, 2006

A blustery day

My latest project is this 6-page book thing.

The day started clear and sunny, but soon the winds picked up and threw things around, including me! I had to clutch onto rails and walls as I was walking in the wind tunnel created by all the highrise buildings at Bloor & Yonge streets for fear of being swept off my feet. It's died down now, and the air is quiet.

Time to watch my favorite show on the new season, Shark, starring James Woods, a terrific actor in anything he does.


  1. Hi Colette!!
    Thanks for letting me know where to find you. I'm *back* on LJ too and have you added--you'll know me when you see me on your friend's list :D

    Hope all is well--love all your latest art!! You are really going places with your lovely fabric creations!!!

    take care


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