Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday Art

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Saturday was busy. A chunk of time was taken up by my flamenco class, followed by a post office run, a quick stroll through Yorkville, where I have not been for years, to see what the beautiful people (the people who think they're beautiful?) are up to: sunning themselves in outdoor cafés, the Jaguar illegally parked in front of the Sassafras Café, basically the same old same old. Actually I went to see if some of the old stores were still there. Then to Dinah's Cupboard to buy my French Haitian coffee beans, then home.

Intermittently, and at night, and today, I worked on this quiltie. It was a lengthy process but ultimately a satisfying one. Painting muslin, then dunking it into water to make it run, then drying, then transferring images onto it, then the composition of the whole. The composition takes up the most time; normally I don't have an image in my head, I work by instinct. And a lot of it had to be hand-stitched because my little machine refused to oblige.


  1. ohhh how interesting all that is going on here.....

    don't you love hand stitching tho ' ?

    Quite beautiful...the flower realy pops and gives dimension .

    Gives vibration to that lovely lovely watery egg shell blue color.

    wow. Inspired again !!!

    So what is the Sassafras Cafe like ?
    You are taking Flamenco Dancing ???

    Pictures of these things ! Please !!!
    Love, S.

  2. Glad to hear you are still doing your Flamenco dancing! And that you had a good day.

    I LOVE your latest quiltie. What beautiful colors! Is this dunking muslin into water technique the one in the recent ClothPaperScisors mag?
    Much love Dotee xoxo

  3. thank you Sandy. I find handstitching very therapeutic.


  4. Thank you, Dotee.

    I used a batik method, twisting the cloth and putting it in water. But I know the one you're talking about -- I think she spritzed water onto it to make the paint run, yes?

  5. That's so beautiful, Colette - and in my favourite aqua blue. And flamenco dancing! What fun!

  6. The aqua blue in this piece has such soothing effects on me! I haven't played with dyes for a long time. This is wonderful.

  7. That is a beautiful piece Colette! The aqua blue reminds me of the Carribean off the Cayman Islands. A very tranquil color. :)

  8. Beautiful Colette; everything works so well together - compostion, color, and content. Love the eggs and birdies, I can never get enought birds.
    Thanks for stopping in to say hi on my blog today - I'd been thinking about you today too :-)

  9. Colette, this is beautiful. It looks as if you are busy busy creating...!

    Just wanted to pop in and say hello and I get the bonus of viewing your beautiful work.

    hugs to you,


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