Thursday, June 29, 2006

Shoes, Chaussures, Scarpe

Yesterday as I was walking past Talbot's I spied a sign that said SALE. I peered in the window and saw lots and lots of shoes. Shoes! The Shoe Fairy directed me to a specific spot and I saw these light, pretty, buttery-leather mules. Bah, I said to the Shoe Fairy. You know darn well they never have my size in these sales and anyway they'll still be too expensive for me. She gave me a little swipe and pushed me look at the size and the price. Both were eminently suitable and so I took them home with me.

Moral: Always listen to the Shoe Fairy.


  1. Colette! These shoes are YOU! The same blue that you have been putting in some of your art! I LOVE them! Wish we had a Talbots here....

  2. oh you are so cute with this Shoe Fairy story....

    I will forever think of a little shoe fairy on my shoulder now when in these situations !

    ((chuckling here))))

    And how perfect they are for you and your nice SMALL little feet.

    Lucky Girl !

    Pretty !

    *** Congratulations ***

  3. Sandy, you crack me up! The Shoe Fairy is giggling. My feet aren't really small...size 8.5 baby!! Although these were size 8 and fit really well.

  4. What beautiful shoes Colette! the Shoe Fairy was on your side when you spotted them.

    Lovely color and nice and cool to wear in your Canadian Summer.

  5. nice colour! don't you JUST love those shoe fairies!

  6. Great shoes, thanks to the Shoe Fairy! Few things are better than new shoes (as long as they're comfy). :)

  7. Well now, how could you resist these? They look to be saying; "Wear me! You and I will have a lovely summer together."



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