Thursday, June 15, 2006

A good day

I delivered the painting that I made for a wedding anniversary gift, and I'm happy to report that the first words that came out of Roberto's mouth were: "Rosa is going to love it. " I've known Robert forever and he's bought paintings from me so I know his taste, but I don't know Rosa that well, so I was very happy to hear that. I titled it Luna di Miele (honeymoon) , since they are of Italian parentage, and I'm told it will hang in their bedroom.

I worked at the copy desk for a few hours, then walked around a bit because it's a beautiful day, came home and made this 4x4-inch collage/painting. I'll be working at home tomorrow; I've been commissioned by a friend in Nova Scotia to do a 4x4-inch fabric collage with this same theme.


  1. So pleased that Roberto loved the painting! And, that it will hang in Roberto and Rosa's bedroom.

    Love, love your new bird collage - the colors are stunning! Will this one be going up for sale on Etsy or Ebay?

    Much love
    Dotee xoxo

  2. That is such a sweet story of Roberto and Rosa. Your bird collage is lovely! I agree the colors are vibrant and gorgeous...I can hear that little bird singing!

  3. that is lovely. I love the bright aqua and green-luscious!!! Sing little birdie sing!

  4. Thank you everyone! I like how it turned out too.

    [Dotee, I listed it on eBay.}


  5. Of course they LOVED the painting!

    I LOVE this 4x4

    I can't wait to see it in fabric !

    Hurry and get it done, I am greedy to see

    Maybe you better make the "shake" ?
    Love, S.

  6. So beautiful! It's astonishing to me how you manage to create one beautiful piece after another. That takes real talent and you have it in spades, my friend.


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