Friday, May 05, 2006

Shoes, Chaussures, and Scarpe

I've always loved shoes. When I was much younger, I think I was more interested in shoes than clothes, which is odd perhaps that age. But I've always had three conditions: they have to be well-made, fit properly (read comfortable), and look as close to stunning as possible.

To this day, the shoe that fits me best is made in Italy. I tried a pair of Chanel pumps once (the classic two-tone) and they fit perfectly. I turned them over and on the sole was inscribed: Made in Italy.

You see what I mean.

Other good fits: Bass Weejuns and Keds.

These days I wear Keds a lot. They're comfortable and I walk to work. In the winter, it's boots. I hate boots. When you spend several months a year having to put them on to go out, take them off to go in, then put them on again to go home, and so on and so forth, you get pretty sick of boots. This is the origin of the Canadian custom of taking your shoes off when you go into someone's house. The winter thing seems to have carried over into the rest of the year. (And you thought it was Japanese custom!)

And so we are now on the brink of the days where we can wear sandals and pumps and other nifty shoes. But wait, my Keds are falling apart; I need to go and get a new pair.


  1. Love the red shoes----and Bass Weejuns and Keds. Keds are the best, but it's hard to find them over here. (The fake ones are everywhere, but they don't fit properly). Also like your tale about the boots - I didn't know that's why that custom persists (I thought it was just following the Japanese; really!). Thanks for clearing that up!

  2. My Keds are a very pale, washed-out blue :-D


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